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Prime Alchemy

Murder by Meeting

When Meetings Go Wrong

Seven Episodic 

fictional podcast takes inspiration from Prime Alchemy's Murder by Meeting Program and pays homage to the captivating Golden Age of Radio during the 1940s, all while infusing it with a touch of Law and Order. It offers a tongue-in-cheek exploration of bad meetings, shady leaders, and suspicious meeting techniques. With a blend of humor and suspense, each episode sheds light on the pitfalls of unproductive meetings and showcases how to create engaging and effective sessions that won't bore your team to death!


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   The Show

Something sinister is lurking in the conference room. It's coming for your meetings, your productivity, and maybe even your life. You thought you were safe, but you were wrong. The darkness is closing in, and there's nowhere to hide. But fear not, Detective Robin Knight and Watson 'Dog' Wright are on the case. They'll guide you through the treacherous world of bad meetings, where even the most innocent meeting can turn deadly. Stay tuned, the first episode of Murder by Meeting is just around the corner. You don't want to miss it, but be warned, once you start listening, you won't be able to stop.


Creative Team


Executive Producer & Creator of MBM Program


Lacy Boggs

Writer and Producer

Joe Cucinotti


NextWave Radio Network


Moises Gonzales


The Content Agency Team

Audio First, Inc.

Hello Audio

The Talent

Joe Cucinotti 


Tina Ramey

Anne (Episode 1)
Jennifer (Episode 3)
Miranda (Episode 5)
Katie (Episode 6)
Receptionist (Episode 7)

Andrea Cox 

Ashley (Episode 2)
Gabby (Episode 4)
Regina (Episode 6)
Beatrice (Episode 7)

Dolly "Dogg" Pardon Pawlak

Watson 'Dog' Wright

Dylan Mobley

Dave (Episode 1)
Chris (Episode 3)

Jason Cox

The Chief

Alan Ayo 

Jim (Episode 1)
James (Episode 5)

Laura Jennings 

Emily (Episode 2)
Carla (Episode 4)
Karen (Episode 6)
Claire (Episode 7)

Todd Carruth  

Bob (Episode 3)
Mr. Lorensax (Episode 4)
Tom (Episode 7)

Sara Rankin 

Angela (Episode 5
Jax (Episode 6)

M Genevieve Pawlak

Michael B Moore

DC Robin Knight 

Michael (Episode 2)
Nigel (Episode 5)
Miller (Episode 7)

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